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Mon Oct 30, 2006 9:37 pm
Forum: Goals for 2007
Topic: What I would like to see
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Re: What I would like to see

cxm wrote:1. Stand Your Ground Law
2. Modify 30.06 to require any public accomodation that wants to post to provide secure lockers for storage of firearms.
3. Establish strict liability for any CHL holder who suffers loss or injury as a result of criminals in establishment posting.
4. College campus (at least) carry, with state schools not allowed to post
5. Other weapons (ASP, PR-24, large pepper spray) allowed with CHL
6. BAC specified for "intoxicated" carry
7. 51% rule removed for those not intoxicated
8. Polling place prohibition removed
9. Clarify 9.04 (*)
10. Lawyer tag price reduced so the rest of us can hunt them

(*) If, as has been discussed here, the "threat of deadly force" provision it only applies to situations where you can legally use deadly force, then why would it specify that the threat is not deadly force?

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