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by howdy
Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:10 am
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Topic: No place but Baltimore MD
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Re: MD:Family of 10 attacked by group of teens in Baltimore's Inner Harbor

bblhd672 wrote:
flechero wrote:The detective interviewed said [very non-nonchalantly] even if there was a cop on every corner we couldn't stop it...

so we should accept beatings at the whims of gangs? I bet after the first couple shots and first gang member or two hit the deck, the rest would have run. Since this is a documented problem in that city and in that area, they ought to sue the city. If enough people sued them, something would change.
People need to wake up and pay attention, do a little research about safety and security. Quit going to places like Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, etc that have uncontrolled gangs of youth waging war against innocent people. Only through loss of tourism revenue will cities decide to take the steps needed to curtail these criminal assaults.

Big difference between Chicago, Baltimore and Houston. I have not heard
of roving gangs picking on people in Houston. It would not be conducive to long life here.

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