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by howdy
Sun Aug 11, 2019 6:35 pm
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Topic: FWPD Sgt Doesn't know LTC law
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Re: FWPD Sgt Doesn't know LTC law

We had a Constable in uniform for security at our Church that was in the process of arresting a member for having a concealed handgun. (No signs posted) Another Church member saw the gun when it was accidentally exposed. This was before open carry. The Constable called an assistant DA who confirmed her belief that church carry was illegal. A minister convinced her to not arrest him but not before she made him take the gun to his car and tell him how lucky he was not gong to jail. I politely told her that she nor the DA knew the law and to go do some quick research. I helped her with the statute and the section (i). She still refused to accept it and she was fired that day. Hopefully the new wording of that law will help in the future.

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