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by C-dub
Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:48 pm
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Topic: Aurora, Illinois - Active shooter situation
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Re: Aurora, Illinois - Active shooter situation

I work in a local hospital and must wear scrubs. Probably the only way I could practically carry at work would be with my shoulder rig. I used a fanny pack years ago, but it is long gone. I would rather have my M4 in a bag near me instead of carrying a handgun on body somehow. Even the shoulder rig would not work well in scrubs since in order to remain concealed, as I'm sure it would have to be if by some miracle I was allowed to ever be armed at work anyway, it would have to be under the scrubs and then access is near impossible.

According to our employee rules we're not even allowed to have a pocket knife of any length. This was also explained during new employee orientation by HR and other administrators. Like Flightmare's situation, there's nothing they could do other than fire someone for having a pocket knife, but finding another position at another facility in my profession is not easy.

My hospital is very prominently and thoroughly posted with proper signage at all entrances.

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