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by C-dub
Sun Feb 24, 2019 8:01 pm
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Topic: Do you ever open carry?
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Re: Do you ever open carry?

Rarely, but it might only seem that way because I don't carry as much as I'd like anyway. I'm unable to carry at work and I don't like leaving it in my vehicle. Especially for a place that is well marked, which would make employees' vehicles targets for break-ins looking for firearms. I won't ever store it in my bike for obvious reasons. I cannot take it off discretely, like inside a vehicle, and it's even easier to break into.

I have OCed and not really sure if anyone noticed or not, but I'd still like to blend in and not be noticed as much until required. Yeah, yeah, I know, a guy like me with my long hair kinda sticks out a bit anyway, but still ... most people say that makes me seem more laid back and unlikely to cause a ruckus than with my former flat top military style cut when people assumed I was either cop or Marine.

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