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by TLynnHughes
Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:18 am
Forum: 2009 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC
Topic: Feedback: 2009 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC
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Re: Feedback: 2009 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC

There is some good feedback in this message string.

I like the idea of building on the skills you learn as the classes progress. I don't know if that's possible logistically.

I would have been happy just to get into ONE of the practical application type classes. Although, I did go to 3 of the blue building classes and all were excellent. But if anything could be done to allow more people to take classes, that would be great.

Having been toward the back of the line for food, there wasn't any place left inside to sit, so I did miss out on some of the socializing. I know this would be more work, but maybe having tables set up so that everyone could eat outside together would be nice (provided it's not 100 degrees).

Someone suggested a two day event...while again, I know this would be a lot more work...a lot of people do drive a long ways for this event. If it were a two dayer, that me be good for those folks....maybe even a day and a half.

OR...maybe we could do like they often do at high school reunions and set up a casual gathering at a local restaurant the night before so folks could mingle and get to know each other and then by the time we hit the range the next day, we'd all be good friends. :mrgreen:

Just some additional thoughts....


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