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by lfinsr
Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:05 pm
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Topic: VPN recommendation for Chromebook and iPhone
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Re: VPN recommendation for Chromebook and iPhone

VPN's do nothing for you other than hide your source address since almost all Internet traffic is now encrypted. Depending on what you're trying to solve, if it's privacy, I would change your DNS settings. There are several options but I have chosen Cloudflare ( Quad 9 ( is another option. Cloudflare claims to only retain logs for long enough to troubleshoot problems. Providers gain insight to your browsing habits by logging your DNS queries. By using Cloudflare, or another of your choice, you're depriving them of that data.

They could still gain some knowledge by tracking destination IP's, but I've not heard of anyone do that. The destination IP must be exposed for routing and can't be hidden even in an encrypted connection.

Be aware the next thing coming down the pike is DNS over HTTPS. Google and Firefox are both working on the transition, however, Google by default will use their own servers ( for DNS queries.

If you insist on needing a VPN solution, I would look at ProtonVPN run by a Swiss company. I've been using their encrypted email solution with good luck fr a couple of years now. YMMV

ETA - As stated above, NordVPN was compromised a few months ago and from my understanding, weren't exactly forthcoming about the situation.

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