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by puma guy
Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:22 am
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Topic: Bearding
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Re: Bearding

The Annoyed Man wrote:I don't put much by way of products on my beard any longer. I used to use a beard balm, but it made my beard feel stiff due to the waxes in it. These days, I pretty much limit it to a little Moroccan Oil every couple of days. The whiskers soak up the oil and it keeps them soft and luxuriant. And it smells nice. I have a pretty thick head of white hair too, and I even use a couple of drops of Moroccan Oil on it if I'm trying to get spiffed up for some occasion or other. As with my beard, it absorbs in and keeps my hair manageable, without feeling oily.

Growing a good beard merely requires patience, as I'm not one of those guys who has to shave twice a day to keep the shadow off. I'm otherwise not a very hairy person, and my beard took its time growing in. But I've had some kind of facial hair most of my adult life. I've had a mustache and some form of beard as long as I've known my wife, which is 30 years now. I started growing long like it is now almost 4 years ago. I'll probably keep it this way the rest of my life. I like it, my wife likes it, and it just kind of suits my personality.
Your post made me realize I've had a beard or mustache since 1967. I had a beard until 1982 when we were required to shave beards for respiratory protection. We were allowed mustaches. My wife had never seen me without a beard. She said I smiled more when I had it. :lol:
A beard at my age would make me look like Santa Claus.

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