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by puma guy
Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:40 am
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Topic: Does This AR Custom Build Look Okay?
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Re: Does This AR Custom Build Look Okay?

dino9832 wrote:Thanks guys!
I took the Sport out for a quick spin today. All I can say is, I'm happy with it! Content with what my $500 bought me.
The build and quality feel nice. Not like a budget rifle at all. Everything feels tight except the buttstock. Which will get replaced anyways.
I've had a few rifles, but never attempted long range accurate shots before. The closest I've gotten is a .22 pellet rifle!
So I was skeptical when I took it out. Thought I'd need at least 50 rounds to adjust the sights. Assuming I could group my shots.

I was shooting in my back yard/field from the top of a cistern. Ran back and forth trying to find the ladder. Brought one that was too short and had to carry it back to the garage. Time was running short, the wind was picking up. And black clouds rolling threatening rain! It blew my box/target over and I even got on the cistern and realized I forgot my headphones. Climbed down, ran into the house. Back and forth, back and forth and running out of time.

Got back up, and I couldn't really see my target. It's a standard target like the one used in CHL licensing. But printed on an 11X17 sheet of paper. So, I only get out to the 8 ring. It was obscured by tall grass. I figured I'd just pump out a few rounds to make sure everything was working.

Shot 10 rounds at 57 yards. It felt nice! Although, I was questioning how well that peep sight would work. Got off the cistern and discovered I had 7 rounds in the 10 ring. Two in the 9, and one flyer. Hey, don't laugh! And this is out of the box with no adjustments.

I really feel this rifle justifies a scope. Overall, I'm a happy camper! :mrgreen:
Sounds like you were excited to try your new AR. I don't blame you. You did well to get the S&W. :hurry: It's a solid rifle and I know you'll be pleased. You probably already know, but your cookie jar $$ will be impacted as you find "stuff" to add to your new black rifle.

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