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by puma guy
Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:36 pm
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Topic: Reliability: Lever Action vs Pump Action Rifles
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Re: Reliability: Lever Action vs Pump Action Rifles

I have several pump shotguns and I can't recall ever having a malfunction. Sears 20 (High Standard), Winchester a Model 12, 2 Model 1200 and a Model 1300, a Remington 870 (all 12 ga) and two Mossberg Shockwaves 12 ga and 20 ga. I learned to shoot skeet with Model 1200 pump, so I made sure I never short stroked. I'm old and that was long ago, so I may indeed have had a mis-feed or FTE once or twice that I just don't recall. I have a .410 Rem 870, but haven't had a chance to take it to the range. I only have two pump rifles both .22 caliber Model 62A Winchesters. The only malfunction I've had was one had a pin holding the firing pin work it's way out, easy fix. I have an old Remington pump Model 14 in .25 Rem caliber, but I've never shot it. I have seven lever actions 6 Marlins; a 1894 .357, a Marlin .444, two Model 39 .22 cal, two Model Model 336 30-30 and a Winchester Model 88 .308. All have been extremely reliable. The Model 1894 has an extremely stiff loading gate and is very difficult to load. I have to issue a caveat on Marlin lever guns, though. Mine are all vintage manufacture, but the new Remington made Marlin levers are not especially reliable from what I've read and it's hit or miss as to quality/reliability with them. BTW The Model 88 Winchester is the slickest action of all my center fire lever guns and is very accurate.

I can't say that short stroking a pump or lever is really a reliability issue, but clearing a mis-fed round or a failure to eject in a lever action would be more difficult I think.

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