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by puma guy
Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:26 pm
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Topic: Effectiveness of the .270 Winchester
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Re: Effectiveness of the .270 Winchester

I have always hunted whitetail deer with a .270. I shoot Federal Premium 150gr Sierra Game King Boat-tail soft points. First with a borrowed 721Remington and then with a Winchester Model 70. My shots are from 60 yards to 200 yards. I try to make heart shots and I have never lost a deer in 25 years of hunting. Most, 85% have dropped in their tracks. The farthest traveled about 80 yards. I had one run about 50 yards leaving a foot wide trail of blood from the point I hit him, over a fence and then over a brush pile where he crumpled. The bullet hit him in the shoulder taking out his heart and both lungs. I found his heart when I cleaned him and it was about the size of the tip of my index finger. That kill was proof they run on adrenaline alone and no bullet or caliber could have done a better job. The others that ran dropped within a few yards. If I hit bone like a shoulder the bullet is deformed heavily; if I hit a rib the exit wound is definitely not pencil sized and if I just hit meat the exit wound is at least doubled. The .270 is a very capable cartridge, but no matter what you choose bullet placement is key. I always wait 30 minutes before I approach a downed deer even if it dropped where I shot it. That is a hard and fast rule of our lease. BTW you might want to look up more information on the effectiveness of the .270 Winchester Google Jack O'Conner.

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