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Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:11 pm
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Topic: Home network question
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Re: Home network question

Charles L. Cotton wrote:
uthornsfan wrote:What is the model of the comcast router?

Most likely you need to turn off SIP ALG on the ISP equipment, even if it is in bridged mode.

I would recommend you just purchase your own motorola modem and then run whatever router/firewall you want.
Correct, the SIP ALG must be disabled, but that can't be done on the Cisco router Comcast uses. Nextiva tech support tried (me too) and it can't be done.

I was told by Comcast that I must use their modem/router. Is that correct? I would prefer to buy my own equipment.

You can definetly use your own equipment. If you go to your own router make sure comcast stops charging the 10 monthly fee to rent theirs.

I use a netgear n600 to do the modem side of the equation. I have wireless turned off. I then pass the signal via cat6 network cable over to my asus rt-n66u and let it handle firewall, wifi and networking. Subnetting shouldnt be a problem i run 3 different subnets in my house. One for the tvs, dvrs, thermostats, garage door opener etc. The one for our computers, laptops, phones and a third for our security sysyem. I have 3400 square feet 2 story house and get 50 mbps everywhere.

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