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by karder
Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:37 am
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Topic: Taurus "The Judge"
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Re: Taurus "The Judge"

I agree that these .410 revolvers are not the best self-defense choice for most of us, and I don't expect to see any special force units packing them, but I do think they serve a particular buyer. My mom has a S&W governor in her nightstand. She does not care for shooting and does not go to the range or practice, but she needs to be able to defend herself, especially now that my Dad is having a hard time getting around. If she ever has to fire that gun it will be because someone has breached the bedroom door. I don't expect her to aim, just point and shoot. Given her specific limitations, I think the Governor offers a good option. It is loaded with hornady critical defense and she has practiced once so that she would know what to expect from the recoil.
I agree that there are much better choices, but for an elderly person who is going to barricade themselves and call 911 and only engage if someone breaks down their door, I think these revolvers are a good option. I also don't expect smash and grab thieves to stand around while .410 is being shot at them.

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