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by karder
Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:09 am
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Topic: Red Dot VS. Scope - choice for AR-15
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Re: Red Dot VS. Scope - choice for AR-15

For hunting, I prefer a bit of magnification. A red dot will certainly work, but the older my eyes get, the more I appreciate a little help from my optic.

For my home defense carbine, I like a red dot. I had been using Eotech, but a couple of years ago I switched to Mepro and I have been very happy. For me, that dot helps with quick target acquisition and I don't need magnification.
That being said, I have XS Big Dot sights on my AK, and I bet I can fire that just as fast at 50 yards and under, as I can my AR with a red dot, without the hassle of activating or messing with an optic which, Murphy's law teaches, is subject to failure.

For anything else, I like a little bit of magnification. If I am hunting or shooting out to any distance, a 1x6 or even a 1x4 will cover me for just about everything thing. The ACOG sight with a fixed 3x magnification is a good tool for 50-100 yards and beyond and will help with that "aim small miss small" thing.

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