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by seamusTX
Sun Sep 10, 2006 12:16 pm
Forum: Goals for 2007
Topic: Protection From Frivolous Lawsuits - Texas Status?
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1. When you vote, make sure you vote for candidates that are friendly to our position. It also helps if you support those candidates in their campaigns and make your views known. A single face-to-face encounter can mean more than 100 letters from strangers.

2. When the next legislative session starts, write or call your representatives and the lieutenant governor.

3. Join the TSRA if you have not already done so and let them know what you want. The TSRA is the main pro-gun lobby in Austin.

4. If legislation gets to the floor, write letters to the editor at your local newspapers.

5. If the governor does not firmly support the legislation, call and write to him (or her as the case may be).

- Jim

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