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by Tregs
Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:44 pm
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Topic: S&W Model 66-2 Snub: First Shots
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Re: S&W Model 66-2 Snub: First Shots


I'm glad you surfaced this old thread. I hadn't seen it and enjoyed the pictures and ballistics info. I have a 4" Mod66 and always have my eye out for a 2.5" brother. I really like the K-frames, and the one in this thread is beautiful. I agree with Stephen that the stock wood grips look best, even if you need to pair them with a T handle for improved grip. I have 3 sets of grips for my Model 66.
1) Original Target grips which I like best (but too bulky to carry
2) smaller wood grips as pictured in this thread, but with a Tyler T handle. Better for CCW, but not comfortable to shoot or easy to control on follow-up shots.
3) Rubber Pachmayr grips which are the most comfortable, but the least attractive IMHO.

Anyway, thanks for pulling up the thread. It makes me look forward to cooler weather when I can conceal the K Frame.


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