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by OldCannon
Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:00 pm
Forum: 2010 TexasCHLforum Day at PSC
Topic: Reminder: Bring your radios
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Re: Reminder: Bring your radios

Charles L. Cotton wrote:
Here's a tip if you want to hear the radio while wearing ear muffs. Just get an earbud for your radio and use it under your muffs. The cord won't make any difference in the hearing protection. If you have Howard Leight electronic earmuffs, you can plug into them using an adapter that comes with the HL muffs.

Another great reason to get the HLs :mrgreen:

P.S. - The HL headsets graciously come with a 3ft 3.5mm cord that plugs into your iPod^H^H^H^Hmusic player of your choice.

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