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by lama
Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:02 pm
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Topic: Social no no?
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Re: Social no no?

I agree with Maduro. I got the impression that if many of the individual actions taken by the guy in question would have happened it likely wouldn't have raised alarms. When done all together in short order it flagged.

Do you open carry? I think hand on gun when open carry will raise many peoples eyebrows no matter what positioning or stance.

If you are not open carrying, your hand on the gun will likely make obvious that you are carrying to any that actually look around every now and then. But unless you are gripping the gun or have your palm on the backstrap, I would not see it as a social no no.

I think the big if here is whether your hand is resting on the outside of the gun something like thumb and pointer parallel to your belt or is actually on the grip.

Fingers around the grip of a waist carried gun I can guarantee will set bells off even if done over a shirt. "rlol"

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