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by E.Marquez
Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:45 pm
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Topic: Man injured when shot with unloaded gun (again)
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Man injured when shot with unloaded gun (again) ... -gun-show/
This came up on another site Im on (Rally Point)
And I posted
""“I mean, there’s signs all over stating no loaded guns,” said Jason Rovida, who was attending the show Saturday."
When will the sheep ever understand Signs do not stop actions...
You can put up all the signs you want criminals will still bring a gun to a robbery or murder and idiots will still bring loaded "unloaded" guns into a signed "safe space""
To which a fellow member responded
Do you really think that anyone thinks that signs stop actions?
And I responded and closed with
Yes, people DO believe signs make a difference.. That is why we have states all across the US that have enacted "No Gun" signs to keep criminals from bringing them into "safe spaces". Which of course never only the good guys obey signs.
Universities have put up "No Gun" signs to keep mass shooters from bringing guns on to campus and killing students. Which of course never only the good guys obey signs.

There can be no other explanation for why sheeple put up no gun or No loaded weapon signs ..but for the reason they think they work. There is no logic to put up a sign to keep the person that is not a threat for that restricted action. ...just like we don't put up signs that say "don't murder people".. those not inclined to murder will not without a sign, those inclined to murder will do will do regardless of a sign.
I know its not news to most here.. we understand signs only restrict law abiding people, they do nothing to effect criminals or those that refuse to consider and follow rules (unload, check your firearm before entering)

Here we have a "professional" used gun seller who shot a fellow employee with an "unloaded" .357 handgun. Id bet on review we will find the shooter did not do it with malice, just ignored common sense and basic firearm handling rules,,as he is too "professional" to have an ND...well other then this time I mean.

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