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Re: Monica Kuehn Leather

dessl wrote:
Sun Sep 19, 2010 4:10 pm
riggergreg wrote:I'm no writer but I have to tell ya'll about my new belt, Holster, and mag pouch made by Monica Kuehn. She is a fairly new holster maker in the DFW area.
I met her through the Texas Gun Talk Forum. After seeing and hearing about her work, I ordered a complete rig and she had it to me in less than 4 weeks. She warned that it might take a bit to get it broke in and feeling comfortable, but I was amazed at how well it fit and felt the first time I put it on.
The belt is nice and stiff and supports my fairly heavy, stainless steel compact 1911 very nicely. The holster, that she calls a "Bodhi", is an IWB that is nice and slim and wide enough to spread the weight, is very nicely shaped, the stitching looks nice and strong, snaps and straps are strong and I'm sure they'll last a long time, and the fit was perfect for the pistol I use. Mag pouch is simple snap on and holds the magazine very securely.
I also own a Crossbreed supertuck and it is a nice holster, but I'll wear my Bodhi everyday over CB.
She has a few more models and colors and is building her pistol list up, so take a look at her work and send her an email. I'm sure she'll do what she can to get you set up. You may be surprised at her prices, too.

Here's mine


Monica makes some awesome holsters. Im placing a order with her when I get some extra cash.

Sad I looked her up and she closed her shop! :txflag:

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