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by SQLGeek
Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:49 am
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Topic: What’s with the gun community
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Re: What’s with the gun community

While I like to kid those that carry 1911s as folks who like to carry antique firearms, I consider that in good fun. I expect the same in return for preferring my plastic guns. What to carry and shoot are definitely a personal choice.

Having been involved in several different types of forums I can say that this isn't limited to the firearms community. Many folks in all sorts of circles get quite defensive that their chosen/preferred thing is the only proper choice and those that disagree are total rubes.

Speaking of guns, there are holy wars in history that are less contentious than the battles that erupt between folks defending their brand of AR-15. Those get downright merciless.

This forum is one of the best firearms forums I've come across in my travels across the internet. While we aren't perfect and perhaps not as high volume, this is a great and friendly place.

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