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by The Marshal
Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:01 pm
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Topic: Interesting Non Car Buying Experience
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Re: Interesting Non Car Buying Experience

2 years back I went into a certain Stone Lar Darley Havidson
Test rode a used bike with The Spousal Unit.
The Salesperson told me at least 20 times that H-D has financing. Before I closed the deal I made the mistake of saying that I was paying cash.
Got to have a sit down with the sales manager. After 20 minutes of Cash not Financing discussion, suddenly someone pops their head in and says "Oh, sorry about that. That bike has already been sold. After 2 hours of working with these people, they found out they made a mistake!

As Spousal Unit and I were leaving the Salesman (ha!) turns to me and says "I guess you wish you had taken that deal now..." :eek6

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