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by O6nop
Thu May 10, 2007 3:15 pm
Forum: 2007 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: HB 220
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tomneal wrote:I am not sad to see this happen. Ok, maybe a little.

I see this as goal setting and I love goal setting.

Goals ought to be dificult to achive.

Every session, the TSRA and the NRA set high goals for our congresscritters.

You can tell they are high goals because they achive some but not all.

I would much rather have our side striving to achive high goals that setting our sights lower and coasting though achivement.

Tom (Everything can be considered a win) Neal
I'm not disappointed to see this fail because I've never had anything happen to me on the way to and from work.... yet!. But if something ever does happen to me or someone I know, it sure will mean a lot that it didn't pass.
What I'm saying is that there is more to it than wins and losses, it's our rights of protection. I would rather have seen this pass than not.

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