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by chasfm11
Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:56 am
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Topic: What would you do
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Re: What would you do

Assuming that I were a bystander who does not have the physical skills to deal with the attacker, the options of what to do come with serious risks. Given the viciousness of the the attack, the outcome of drawing and pointing a gun at the attacker is unpredictable. He has already gone into a fit of rage and is likely hopped up on at least adrenaline. It is far from a given that he would comply with verbal orders to stop and seems more likely to charge me and my gun, giving me no choice but to fire. Criminals seem to wantonly charge law enforcement with their weapons drawn and I would assume an equal willingness to do the same to a citizen with a gun. Thinking through that possible sequence underscores the need for quick reflexes and faster thinking, both of which can be problematic for me.

So what would be the legal outcome of shooting the attacker, in today's world? Ethnic backgrounds definitely count, though they shouldn't. The news will likely read "man shoots unarmed black teenager". The rest of the details will never make the report.

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