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by chasfm11
Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:23 am
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Topic: Mission to Bankrupt NRA
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Re: Mission to Bankrupt NRA

This is maddening. I hope that the NRA prevails.

But part of me wonders about the impact. NY and NJ are among the worst States in the country who deny 2nd Amendment rights in ownership and particularly concealed carry. It is nearly impossible in either State to get a carry license and those who do are most likely to be friends of the controlling politicians and not exactly NRA friendly to start with. So i cannot imagine that the volume of purchases of the insurance is very high. CA is a little different in that areas outside the major cities are controlled by local sheriffs and are more likely to have concealed carriers. That said, the total number of licenses in the State is in the 40K range.

To that end, exactly how would these States bankrupt the NRA? I completely understand that if legal precedent is set in one of those States and it gets applied to other, more concealed carry friendly States, the impact on the NRA insurance program would be significant.

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