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by chasfm11
Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:46 am
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Topic: No place but Florida
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Re: No place but Florida

There appears to be an ongoing conflict between some Florida gun owners and some Florida Sheriffs departments that has escalated, if you believe the link. ... 2270801893

This seems to be in sharp contrast to the fraternity between the citizens and the sherriffs' departments in Virginia as they oppose the State driven anti-gun laws toether. Given the patchwork of Florida politics with the Democratic strongholds in parts of Florida, I'm not surprised that there might be abuses of citizens in those areas but the list of events seems to be more State wide.

We've seen some similar events in Texas but it appears that the events here are being addressed where the ones in Florida may not be. I don't get the armed while fishing problem that is cited unless the group sponsoring the letter is using the OCT approach.

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