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by baldeagle
Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:09 am
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Topic: Feral Hogs
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Re: Feral Hogs

The Annoyed Man wrote:
flintknapper wrote:
The Annoyed Man wrote:
flintknapper wrote:Good Job! :thumbs2:

Feral Hogs are a scourge. Believe me...I know:
Talk about a blast from the past! I remember when you first posted that thread. :lol:
Yes, its an old, but ongoing thread. I really need to keep it more current.

I've been battling hogs for close to 30 years now. Shoot them, Trap them, Snare them, Run them with dogs on occasion. They just keep making more. :grumble

There needs to be a Federal Fund set help trap them and ship them to the Middle East. That's what I think we should be doing with them.
Flint, I know it's your FIL's property, and you have plenty of family to help, but I will be itching to try out my suppressed .300 Blk SBR on hogs when ATF finally sends me my stamp to build the upper. If you ever need help, call me. I'll buy the beer......or sweet tea.....or whatever you're having! :lol:
And I'll go with you. :hurry:

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