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by Liberty
Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:49 am
Forum: 2005 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: HB 1075 - Exempts LEO's from "No gun" signs
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stevie_d_64 wrote: For all political and practical purposes, I am just not going to hold my breath on a universal/national/elimination of infringements, carry effort, for anyone, LEO or civilian...

Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see it, but there will always be enough Chucky Schumer's, Rebecca Peter's, Hillary Clinton's, Rudy Gulianni's, Mike "the gas will pass" Bloomberg's out there to keep this in check...
I find it interesting that you named off 4 New Yorkers and 1 Australian, in a thread about a 1995 Texas House bill. It just goes to show where we feel our our biggest threats are comming from politically insignificant places, And why we should have pretty high expectations in 97.

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