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by Liberty
Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:31 pm
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Topic: Gun rights for a Felon?
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Re: Gun rights for a Felon?

CoffeeNut wrote:
1911 10MM wrote:I was unaware a dishonorable discharge removed gun rights. Can someone cite a source for this information?
A dishonorable discharge is equivalent to a felony conviction in the civilian world. The removal of gun rights was made law with the passage of the GCA of 1968. That information can be found in 18 USC 922.
A Honorable discharge is one in which the Veteran has served his dutys.
A General discharge is considered Neutral. discharged for unsuitability medical .. or any number of reasons. This is done adminstratively.
The one I think that gets forgotten is the Undesirable. Got tossed out , but probably not for commiting out right felonies. Needs a court marshall for this one

Dishonorable is the one that shuts doors and is the equivilent of a felony. Need a court marshal to earn this one.

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