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by Liberty
Sun Jul 21, 2019 7:42 am
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Topic: Just wondering.
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Just wondering.

I've been watching the LTC instructor renewal range qualification threads with interest. It sure looks like a it could be a lot of fun. But It strikes is as being a little ironic. That instructors are required to requalify in their shooting skills for a renewal, while LTC renewals are not. Is instructor proficiency really important? As I see it, scoring technique would be a more important issue.

I understand that qualification for a student applying for his LTC is a good idea, not so much because of a need for them to be marksmen, but to demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of their weapons and to safely handle and operate them. Although I am sure that most instructors don't have a problem qualifying, Other than the legal requirement the requalification seems silly, even if it might be fun. Would the inability of an instructor to score above 90% with a revolver make any less of an instructor?

I know people that have qualified with a borrowed full-sized Glock yet only carry a micro .380 that they happen to hate shooting.

Just wondering what other peoples thoughts are on this, and hoping that those requalifying instructers have some fun on their day out at the range.

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