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by Paladin
Fri Jun 10, 2005 10:24 am
Forum: 2005 Texas Legislative Session
Topic: TX 2005 Legislative Goals
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Greybeard wrote:Just this past week, I requested a copy of a new course of fire developed by a small local PD Firearms Instructor. Their "target" is an 8 1/2" X 11" sheet of paper stapled COM on IDPA silhoutte. Officers are expected to put at least 80% on the sheet of paper. All timed - and 22 out of 50 rounds are at 15 yards. Now THAT is more of a "test" of marksmanship skills.
It's very interesting to hear your comments and the comments of other instructors.

To me the kind of marksmanship test described sounds like a lot of fun and something that I wouldn't mind trying out, but since many(most?) encounters are within 7 yards, it seems like most of the test should be based on targets inside that range.

The range people at the League City range generally gripe about student's gun handling skills. Safety, gun-handling, and marksmanship are all important.

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