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by olafpfj
Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:02 pm
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Topic: California bar shooting leaves 12 dead
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Re: California bar shooting leaves 12 dead

This is my hometown and I know that bar well. I stand a pretty good chance of knowing people who were there, at least one friend stopped by last night but decided it was too busy and left.

I cant stand my FB feed today as many of my friends are harping on guns because something happened close to them. It is the worst of selfish narcissism. All I hear is "something affected ME!...ME ME ME"

Get over it. Horrible stuff happens for no good reason all the time. What makes a gun being involved so much worse than a car accident, cancer, drowning, heart attack, plane crash, etc... There are tons of ways people meet their end and being murdered isnt all that exceptional despite the news coverage.

Gun control...the anti vax, alternative medicine, anecdotal junk "science" its always been.

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