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by Middle Age Russ
Tue May 16, 2017 10:42 am
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Topic: Definition of fascist by Google vs Merriam Webster
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Re: Definition of fascist by Google vs Merriam Webster

A college English professor of mine walked into the room the first day of class and said, "A new Oxford English dictionary was just published, and I am troubled... This new dictionary has many new words in it, but a number of words that were in the old edition are no longer there. We are losing this language, and when it is gone it's back to the trees, folks!" With the way the Statists have co-opted education and the media, it is no surprise that they are re-imagining our language just as they do our history to fit their talking points and further their agenda. Too few call them on the distortions they use to make their points, and I think that truthfully too few really care that much about the society they live in as long as they have easy to obtain food, shelter, transportation and the all-important connection to the on-line world. Mankind is a lesser creature than he was when he had to work to build a life of relative comfort.

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