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by clarionite
Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:06 pm
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Topic: Gun rights for a Felon?
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Re: Gun rights for a Felon?

Charles L. Cotton wrote:First I need to say that there has been a gradual creep toward a judicial system that would make King George III proud. The trend has been to elevate far too many misdemeanors to felony status. This should not have happened. I base my comments largely on this fact.
When I was young and green, before I worked on NIBRS and UCR reporting to the FBI, I thought a Felony was a federal crime, and mostly violent offenders. Then I learned that a felony was any crime with a punishment that can exceed 1 year in jail. Baton Rouge made smoking on the levy a felony. Which is ridiculous. Especially when you consider smoking on the casino boats is legal, but walking off the boat with a cigarette and standing on the levy to look at the river is a felony. Felony status now is ridiculous. I'm a firm believer that violent offenders and addicts should lose their 2nd amendment rights. But like you said, a case by case appeal should be granted.

I worked as a MIS Manager for Wackenhutt Corrections many years ago. One of my trustees was in for double manslaughter. When I heard his story, I thought that I'd have been there too. He was beaten senseless and forced to watch as 4 men took their turns on his little sister. He managed to get two of the men before they caught him. He was unrepentant and was going to "flat-line", meaning he wouldn't get any time off his sentence. He said he'd be back in shortly after being released, because he'd get the other two as soon as he was released.

I'm not sure I'd grant his 2nd amendment rights back if I were on the appeal board, but I really think I'd be in the same position as he was if I were put through the same ordeal.

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