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Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:33 pm
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Topic: Meyerson Symphony Center
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Re: Meyerson Symphony Center

Bruin98 wrote:
FlynJay wrote:
Keith B wrote:Per their website at, the Meyerson is 'Owned and managed by the City of Dallas, Office of Cultural Affairs'. IANAL, but would think it couldn't be posted and wouldn't be off-limits unless attending a school sponsored function like a band or choir concert or a school play.
Off topic but, school sponsered events are only off limits if they are held on school grounds. Interscholastic events are off limits anywhere; a band or choir concert or school play is not an interscholastic event.

Not so sure about this one. Every year my school volunteers at a pretty big event in the middle of a pretty big Dallas city. One of my co-teachers helps me chaperone our volunteers. We both leave our weapons at home that day because we are at a school sponsored function.

I'd like to carry at this particular event because of where it is located, but since I am chaperoning school children--I think that makes it a school sponsored event for anybody in my group.
As a Chaperone or volunteer for an event, you become part of that event, you are a participant. If you are an observer passing in a crowd, you are not participating in that event.

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