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by RoyGBiv
Tue Feb 18, 2020 11:00 am
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Topic: Is it just me? Downtown Austin or any large city
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Re: Is it just me? Downtown Austin or any large city

Took my youngest to Austin to visit UT this past weekend. Loved UT but definitely did not like Austin. The drunks (non college version) and homeless are everywhere. Downtown is worse, but even around campus it's bad.

We had a good discussion about life choices, government policy vs Charity, outcomes of liberalism, etc. We gave a guy laying on a bus stop bench our leftover pizza (he was appreciative). Spending the evening walking around some of downtown was enlightening and hopefully took some of the scare out of being unfamiliar with the problems. Living in suburbia can be insulating. We'll see what decision is made, soon.

We managed to score some tickets to ACL Live and really enjoyed Doyle Bramhall II, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, The Greyhounds and others fill the night with some great music. Some of the best guitar playing since Stevie Ray, IMO. Really liked the venue too, except for having to disarm to enter. :roll:

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