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by jerry_r60
Mon Jun 03, 2013 10:19 am
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Topic: SB299 to Governor
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Re: SB299 to Governor

Lucky wrote:Is a holstered handgun considered displayed or do you have to put hands on it to count as use of force? Does it matter if the person wearing the holster is a bank guard at the bank or a landowner on their property?
I've seen what i think is a good answer to the oposit of this question but talking about this same topic. The question there is what is concealed. What looks like good answers to this question revolve around, "concealed means concealed". It's not covered by your clothing, a towl, something.

With that in mind, if the holster is of a type that you can see the gun, then i'd say it's not concealed and therefore it has been displayed. If the holster was of a fashion that you could not see the gun or tell that it was a holster, that's a different story but I don't think that's what you asked about. So, IMHO if i can see the gun, it's been displayed.

So post SB299, we are allowed to carry concealed unless the use of force has been justified, in which case we may display.

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