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by Jeff Barriault
Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:15 pm
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Topic: Texas Firearms Freedom Act
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Re: Texas Firearms Freedom Act

Charles L. Cotton wrote:This idea has been discussed in other threads and it won't work. States can't void federal law by passing a state law that essentially "opts out."

I know all of the philosophical arguments, but it won't work. I don't want the most pro-gun Governor we've ever had pushing something like this and loosing the next election because his Democrat challenger points out the futility of such a bill.

I have to disagree Charles. How many states have presently successfully "opted-out" of federal marijuana legislation?

The bill discussed may not be the best, but I'll have to say that I think the principle of nullification of unconstitutional federal laws encompasses a path we should all seek. We need to find new and creative ways to enforce our tenth amendment rights. Simple things that put the feds on notice and say, "Hey, this law of yours is constitutionally out of your jurisdiction. And we will fine y'all and/or throw your rear in jail if we catch y'all attempting to enforce it within our state."

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