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by n5wmk
Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:13 am
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Topic: New Gun Range is coming to Allen, TX
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Re: New Gun Range is coming to Allen, TX

A good friend of mine is a Platinum member at FGC, and like like you, Beiruty, he was a member before it opened. Back in June, I joined him for a shooting session. It was on a weekday (Thursday, I think) and we were there when they opened. Got our lane assignment, and there was only one other lane in our section with shooters. After an hour, a FGC employee came by and told us our time was up, we had to pack it up and leave. They certainly didn't have anyone waiting for a lane. My friend wasn't too happy about it, for sure. Said he was going to speak with management about it. Haven't heard if he did or not.

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