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by n5wmk
Fri May 31, 2019 9:26 am
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Topic: AZ: Kidnapping foiled
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Re: AZ: Kidnapping foiled

I think (right now), that if I had pulled my handgun on the guy who grabbed the girl, that I would have demanded he lay down on the ground, and I would have called (or had someone call) 911. If he chose to get up and run away before LEO arrived, so be it. But actually being part of the event, my actions could have been different.

Interesting to note that the message from the school to parents made no mention that the good guy had a firearm.
A student reported to a Village Meadows teacher that on Wednesday, April 3, while walking to school, she was grabbed by a man from behind. A witness knocked the man down and told him to leave the student alone.

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