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by Paladin
Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:24 am
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Topic: Officer Invades Apartment, Shoots Resident
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Re: Officer Invades Apartment, Shoots Resident

Very tragic shooting

My prayers to Botham Shem Jean's family and friends. All reports show he was a good man who didn't deserve any of this.

The police officer's statement contradicts 2 eye-witnesses:
According to two neighbors, who spoke to the media, they can access their units with a regular key or through a keypad code.

Caitlin Simpson said she heard the shooting and the police officer asking Botham to open the door.

The woman revealed: “It was, like, police talk: ”Open up! Open up!”’

Yazmine Hernandez, who also heard the noise the night of the incident, stated: “We heard cops yelling, but otherwise had no idea what was going on.”

If the police officer lived alone, I don't understand why she would be yelling to open the door?

The whole thing seems senseless. With the police officer caught in a lie and bizarre, dangerous, and deadly conduct, I don't have any confidence in her ability to conduct her duty. Perhaps she should plead guilty to manslaughter, as that conviction is probably the best she could hope for.

This event is being reported in England as a "Wrong Flat" Killing by the BBC... Apparently the Brits don't know we don't have "Flats" in Texas.

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