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The Range at Austin


Post by rm9792 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 2:52 pm

Shot there saturday and it is a very very nice range. 100 yrds indoor rifle range with programmable targets, lighting options including red/blue flashing, RSO that is actually helpful and was spotting for me to zero my SCAR. pistol is 25yd with same stuff I believe. However there are some minor annoying things. Uncased rifles are carried by them to/from the counter and bay. Not allowed to collect brass. doors have to be opened and closed a certain way.
One incident that we all should look out for is harassment by other patrons. My wife went by herself to the pistol bays while I went to the rifle range first. 15 minutes later I come out and she is close to tears and literally begging to leave. Long and short, a couple of "men" next to her were criticizing and touching her shoulder over and over, made her nervous and then she started shooting erratically which had them now laughing at her. She stepped out for a minute to calm down and they literally moved into her bay, that i paid for and started shooting her target. The problem was that they were wearing gray shirts like employees and she thought they indeed were so she didn't speak up.
After finally getting the whole story in the car (if I had known it was patrons I would likely went to jail) I went back Sunday and the manager was very apologetic (Al and Anthony were very considerate in the matter). What I am getting at and suggested to them is that they keep an eye on single females shooting to ensure range commandos arent harassing them or being "helpful". They are a growing demographic but will stop all too quick if they don't feel comfortable.

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Re: The Range at Austin


Post by cmgee67 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:46 pm

Sounds like a good range other than the negatives you listed. I am sorry to hear that happened to your wife. I would have been upset also. I know what your talking about because I see it all of the time at ranges. The women go and shoot and from what I have observed they are either experienced or just getting into it and are trying their best to shoot. Then you have some dumb bunnies come over and try and use their wits and monkey digits to teach and touch everything when the women really don't want their help. It's like my wife tells me if she needs my help she will ask. And it's my job to respect her wish and be curtious. Now if somebody at the range is being unsafe and putting myself others or themselves in danger I may speak up but usually the Range I go to the RSO is on top of it wether it be male or female. The bad thing is you get newbies come in and they get "help" and then they end up just quitting or creating bad habits. It's like what I see happening at my LGS when a woman comes in to buy or look at a gun. All of the goobers think they know what's best for her and it turns into a fiasco. I could go on and on and rant a little more but I'll let others chime in.

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Re: The Range at Austin


Post by SewTexas » Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:52 am

We stopped by there a couple of weeks ago, it's a nice place. There were employees everywhere, I don't blame her for thinking at first that they were, but employees would have behaved much differently, and I'm sure she would have known that if she would have thought about that for just a moment. I'm sorry she experienced that, try to get her to go back, ask her if she wants you to stay with her, or if what she wants you to do, she may need a little extra care the next time.
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Re: The Range at Austin


Post by Mxrdad » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:34 pm

Wow. She stopped and they got in her lane? And started shooting her targets? Yikes. I'm glad you didn't get the full story cuz that could have been a very bad situation. I think I would inform her that she just got the "bad apples" that day. It certainly isn't the norm. You could probably go back there and never have that happen again. Most folks are polite and honestly, I've never even heard of anything like this happening. That stinks cuz I personally like to see Women at the range and exercising their rights. I don't know the stats but in my little world, it seems women would be more likely to need a firearm for protection than men. Not too many men out there being raped.

Hopefully those rude obnoxious wanna-be's don't show up and ruin what should be a great day for you and the Mrs.
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