Crossfire Defense Academy - Flower Mound - Highly Recommend

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Crossfire Defense Academy - Flower Mound - Highly Recommend


Post by cyphur » Thu Dec 14, 2017 1:28 pm

I was able to shoot up there a few weekends ago - albeit briefly. The owner Dave was working at the time - on a Sunday no less. I arrived a few minutes after they closed down the range as I forgot to check what time they closed!

Being a Dynamics member I have the option to draw from a holster, draw from holster concealed, and to do transition firing. Thankfully for everyone at the range, they require qualifications before you get that privilege.

Dave personally took me out on the range - closed as it was - and did a thorough training and evaluation. We started with an unloaded weapon doing dry fire drills. During this stage he made some recommendations about technique. Really valuable advice. We transitioned to live fire, with a draw and one round fire. We did this several times. We then increased to a double tap. More advice followed surrounding some of my behavior that would be sub-optimal in a real life self-defense situation. At the end of it I was qualified to draw from a holster, unconcealed. After I get comfortable with that, I'll step it up.

About the facilities - they are top notch. They have state of the art stalls that are six feet deep - you are not going to be distracted. They have moveable tables so you can move around and not be hindered. Plenty of width to the stall. The gear that moves the target are incredibly intuitive. They managed to get the noise abatement indoors to a level that is not going to be slightly aggravating.

All in all I am looking forward to shooting there a lot more often. Great staff - including some former SOF personnel and an active duty police officer. Good people behind the whole operation.

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Re: Crossfire Defense Academy - Flower Mound - Highly Recommend


Post by stroo » Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:16 pm

I shot there about two weeks ago on the Dynamics range.

It is probably the safest range I have ever seen from several perspectives. First, its air system is exceptional at removing all air pollutants from the air on the ranges. Second the stalls are built with AR resistant steel between every stall along with other sound absorbing material. I think it would be difficult to be shot accidentally by someone in the stall next to you even if they were extremely negligent in their gun handling. Third they have a really neat system for trapping expended bullets and removing them from the range. They shouldn't have any lead problems.

It is also an interesting range to shoot on. The target system gives you a range of drills for shoot/no shoot, moving targets, Tueller drills, etc. I haven't seen another system like that in DFW although I think there is range in Tulsa with a similar system.

Overall it is a great range but it is also pretty expensive. I can understand why - it must have cost twice what most ranges do to build plus they give more attention to the shooters. So while I may go there a few times a year, I probably will stay with my membership at my current range.

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Re: Crossfire Defense Academy - Flower Mound - Highly Recommend


Post by Crossfire Defense » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:24 pm

Thanks guys. We are trying to make a great facility for people to train at. We are open to the public for $25/day on the target range and $35/day on the Dynamic range. I believe those prices are inline with most ranges in the area.

We do allow controlled rapid fire, working from the holster ad a few other things that make this range unique.

Veteran owned and staffed as well.

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