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Hogue Hi Power Stocks....

Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:37 pm
by Stephen A. Camp
Hello. Like many others, I've used Spegel Hi Power grips for years and find them both comfortable and good looking. I also continue to have a fondness for the original checkered ones that came on the classic style Hi Powers as well as today's Standard Model based on the Mk III "chasis". Hakan Pek's stocks have also proven elegant and comfortable but I finally got around to trying a set of Hogue's "fancy hardwood" grips for the Hi Power.

For those who might be interested, both the selection and pricing can be found here: ... 554&step=2

These are checkered Pau Ferro wood. Fit is fine and they do not move when in place. Neither do they protrude into the magazine well and bind against the magazine.

Here's the other side. Though I use only a single-side thumb safety, these will work with the extended ambidextrous thumb safety which comes standard on the current crop of Hi Power pistols.

To me, the feel is as good as any other Hi Power stocks I've tried, though I admit that is completely subjective and others might or might not agree. Thickness is similar to the Spegel and these grips offered good purchase while firing.

If memory serves, I had to wait a few weeks for these.

If a Hi Power shooter is perusing the Internet for a set of new Hi Power grips, Mr. Hogue's products might be worth a hard look.


Re: Hogue Hi Power Stocks....

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:29 am
by Rex B
I had no idea Hogue offered wood stocks.
Those will look good on my CD HP.