Official Answer: 18-year olds CAN get an LTC in Texas

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Re: Official Answer: 18-year olds CAN get an LTC in Texas


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Rafe wrote: Wed Jan 25, 2023 7:11 pm
Tex1961 wrote: Wed Jan 25, 2023 6:43 pm LOL…
Honestly though, I can pretty much tell if a student is going to pass or fail within the first 10 shots. Most of the time I don’t even need to count the holes.
Leatham wrote me back and said he'll take the RDS thing as a challenge. He's going to use his USPSA .45 ACP double-stack and go for completion of the CoF with only one hole no bigger than a half-dollar. ;-)

But seriously, as an afterthought, I think the RDS option could seriously help encourage some seniors and possibly some folks with conditions like mild Parkinson's or MS. If you're used to the red dot, managing/timing the wobble can be much more accurate to handle than with irons.
Honestly I was thinking the same thing, just with people who have major vision problems with focusing and near-sight. Keeping your vision at the target distance is probably the main benefit of optics.
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