The last day I left home without my gun

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The last day I left home without my gun


Post by allisji » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:54 am

Friday I left home in a hurry because I was headed over to meet my father-in-law to work on my rent house that flooded in Harvey. I walked out the door without my gun after I was asked to pick some things up on the way.

Got to the house and worked for the morning and then shortly after noon went to Home Depot for some supplies. While I was in Home Depot and unbeknownst to me, two men got into a fight about a parking spot. One of them had a concealed handgun and presented the weapon. Then the other man ran into the store to get away. The man with the gun then proceeded to shoot about 4 rounds of 9mm into the other guys car and then he got into his truck and fled the scene.

I came out of the store after completing my shopping and my car was in the taped off area while police were investigating the crime scene and waiting for their photog to arrive to take pictures. I heard that it took 10+ minutes for the police to arrive. This is a tiny department in a small neighborhood in the League City area.

I heard from several eye witnesses as to what exactly happened, but the main three things that I took from it are: 1.) don't fight over parking spaces, 2.) The police can't be everywhere at once, and 3.) carry every day.

I would also add that as I was waiting for the police to allow me back into my car several people entering the store asked what happened. I learned from their replies that apparently we have too many people with handgun licenses and too many guns on the streets among other things... :banghead: apparently its still "cool" to be anti-gun...
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Re: The one day I didn't have my gun


Post by n5wmk » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:21 am

allisji wrote:3.) carry every day.
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Re: The last day I left home without my gun


Post by rotor » Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:33 am

My brother had a place in Oregon. Called the police one night and got an answering machine. They only worked every other day or some such comment.

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