Rowlett 17 year old arrested with semi auto rifle

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Re: Rowlett 17 year old arrested with semi auto rifle


Post by Jusme » Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:51 pm

Charles L. Cotton wrote:The article didn't mention federal authorities until the end. I was wondering how they filed UCW charges for having a gun in a "gun-free school zone" since the Texas law isn't a stand-alone crime. Ours is a penalty-enhancement provision. It can be used to enhance the drug charge. Apparently he's being changed under federal law.


The article also mentioned, an illegal club. I wonder if that was used for the UCW charge? They could then file Federal charges under the GFSZ act. IANAL but it was just a thought.
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Re: Rowlett 17 year old arrested with semi auto rifle


Post by carlson1 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 10:22 pm

:thumbs2: to the police officers. Maybe the gun,
Drugs, and the child pornography will keep him locked up for a while.

Glad he wasn’t in Broward County at least he went to jail.

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Re: Rowlett 17 year old arrested with semi auto rifle


Post by Grundy1133 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:26 am

when i was 14 i was shooting a semi auto 12 gauge shotgun, a semi auto .22, and a semi auto ar-15.... this whole "over 21" crap is annoying... if parents taught their children the value of life and responsibility, instead of being so concerned about being their "friend" none of these school shootings would have happened and there'd be none of this "gun control" garbage going on... #Triggered (pun not intended)
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Re: Rowlett 17 year old arrested with semi auto rifle


Post by srothstein » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:41 am

OldCurlyWolf wrote:
jason812 wrote:I get the fact he's not old enough to purchase the rifle. That would be 18 which is considered the age at which legally you are an adult. You can join the military, vote, buy a rifle, buy a lottery ticket, a pack of smokes... How is it a 17 year old is considered an adult when he does something against the law? I've heard the excuse because he knew it was against the law or wrong. My 4 year old knows certain things are wrong and when she does them, should she be punished as an adult? She knew better. It seems the courts like to pick and chose when someone is legally an adult when the outcome benefits someone other than the individual.
Last I knew, a 17 yo who hasn't been in trouble as a juvenile is automatically charged as an adult. A 17 yo who has been in trouble is a juvenile until 18 unless adjudicated an adult.
Texas law says that a person is an adult for any offense committed on or after their 17th birthday. They are only a juvenile for offenses committed before that date for which they are still under the jurisdiction of the court (basically on probation or in jail). If a person is on probation for an offense and commits a new crime after their 17th birthday, they get charged as an adult for the new crime.

The weird exception to this is that a person who is 17 can be charged with a capitol offense but not sentenced to death due to the SCOTUS ruling.
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