IN: Child killer caught after 30 years

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IN: Child killer caught after 30 years


Post by ELB » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:47 pm ... 786568002/
Thirty years after the murder of 8-year-old April Tinsley, police arrested a man in connection to her death on the same day the cold case was to be examined during a prime-time crime documentary
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Re: IN: Child killer caught after 30 years


Post by Rob72 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:08 pm

A private genealogy lab provided the missing pieces that led police to arrest 59-year-old John D. Miller Sunday morning in connection with April's abduction, sexual assault and murder in Fort Wayne in 1988...

Court documents reveal a break in the case in May of 2018. That is when a detective arranged for DNA testing and analysis to be done on the suspect's evidence sample at Parabon NanoLabs...

Then in May, Parabon Nanolabs — a company pioneering the technology that helped police in California match DNA to the alleged Golden State Killer — announced it was rolling out a new service that uses genealogy websites to help investigators solve cold cases.

It works like this: DNA samples provided by law enforcement are coded into numbers a computer can read. Parabon takes those numbers and compares them against public genealogy data.

The system is sophisticated enough that an individual doesn't need to be in a genealogy database themselves: the DNA can be tracked and matched through blood relatives.
As with any technology, it's great, depending on whom exactly is driving it's use. There is a whole list of behaviors which are being researched to find a genetic-therapy, "cure." Whether you are devout Christian or Progressive LGBT, this should make you exceedingly nervous.

I'm surprised that CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) isn't screaming bloody murder about this. Given the fairly cohesive gene pools of the tribes of Middle-Eastern descent, you could kill a pretty specific set of people, without much real effort. Think of drug-resisitent HIV, or "chained" Ebola, that provides a graphic, miserable death (or disabled life) that only kills a few hundred people, and permanently disables perhaps a few thousand. Heckuva a political message.

Looking at Parabon's website is certainly interesting. With modest effort, they should be able to create a genotype-specific virus in fairly short order. To stop people like the Golden state killer, and J. Miller, is it not worth disabling a handful of people by misting a mall/airport/bus station/etc., with a viron cloud, causing a recognizable illness in those susceptible? They could be arrested when going to the doctor or hospital. Obviously, healthcare facilities would be given the "code" to look for in this limited number of lab draws. The suspects are disabled and ready for arrest. Neat. Clean. No high-speed chases.

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