Alleged TSRA Bad Behavior On Open Carry Bill

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Re: Alleged TSRA Bad Behavior On Open Carry Bill


Post by jordanmills » Sun May 15, 2011 6:47 pm

Charles L. Cotton wrote:Your post is obviously of interest because the TSRA never did anything you describe. I also find the post interesting because Shane McCrary, President of Lone Star Citizens League (a/k/a MR REDNECK) posted that it was the NRA, not TSRA, that did the alleged dirty deeds. (See his post below.) I have tried to call Rep. Lavender's staff but I keep getting voicemail; I'll keep trying.
For what it's worth, Mr McCrary posted the same on the LSCDL forums - that it was at the request of the NRA, and he did not mention the TSRA in any related context.

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Re: Alleged TSRA Bad Behavior On Open Carry Bill


Post by Bullwhip » Mon May 16, 2011 4:02 am

Charles L. Cotton wrote:
Bullwhip wrote:
JKTex wrote: From all accounts I've heard, to me it almost sounds like a freshman Representative that followed through with an open carry bill because it was a campaign promise. Kind of an "oh no, now I have to do it" and realized it was no easy task if it were to be successful. It's admirable, but it's also understood he doens't want to feel as thought he failed those that put him in office. That's a lot better than a a huge set back if the wrong bill was supported ad pushed, and at the wrong time.
Sounds a lot like a rep who knows he's going to be rated by the gun orgs and can't say everthing he wants to say. Or maybe just still really supports them and wants to work with them, I don't know. I know a new rep can be 1000% pro gun and better not cross the gun rights orgs if he wants to stay in office.
Not one word of the false insinuations came from Rep. Lavender; only from some unidentified staffer. (I can't say "allegations" any longer since neither PracticalTactical nor I were told anything close to what Shane McCrary (MR REDNECK) posted on If he's catering to the "gun organizations," he has a funny way of going about it by letting his staff provide false insinuations to unidentified callers.
TexasBill wrote:I don't know what anybody said or did, I'm no insider. But I can sure believe stuff took place we don't know about and never will. Even Mr. Cotton has stuff going on he can't tell us about, that's politics.
That last was me not TexasBill. Just want to make sure peole don't get blamed for something I say.

I apprecaite the reply Mr. Cotton, I don't think playing card close to your vest is "hiding stuff". Like I said, politics is politics, can't always lay your hand on the table. I think you said the same about SB905(?) and the amendment.


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