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Post by Wodathunkit » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:35 am

I'm reporting this here from some positive feedback I received from my email. Feel free to use any/ all of it


Along with a few anti gun bills, there are several "pro" gun bills in the Texas Legislature this session. Pro gun legislatures need support from gun owners other than just panic buying of guns and ammo.

Charles Cotton has developed the Texas Firearm Coalition (see link) for people to get the latest news and track legislation for this session (both good news and bad). He is asking that everyone join (no cost envolved). If we can show a large number of names (similar to the popular but useless petitions) we can use that as leverage in Austin.

4 things you can do right now!

1. Please follow the link below and join (each family member)
2. Please book mark that link and check back often for gun legislation updates.
3. Post this information to your Facebook page, or any other social media you have for networking.
4. forward this email on to everyone in your address book

Three things you can do that would be a huge help, but can be costly (monetarily)

1. Join the National Rifle Association AND the Texas State Rifle Association
2. Get your Hunting license
3. Get your CHL

This isn't the time for gun concessions from law abiding, honest people. It's time for our legislators to do what we demand them to." onclick=";return false;


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